London, Here We Come!

We leave our house tomorrow morning at o’dark-hundred (4am EST). We’ll arrive in London Heathrow airport at 9:30pm GMT.

A snippet of the conversation I had with my friend yesterday:
V: I plan to take a change of clothes in my carry-on bag just in case the airport loses my luggage. You may want to consider it.
Me: I don’t have room for clothes. My carry-on is stuffed full of knitting needles, yarn, embroidery, books and food. I have my priorities. I’d rather have my knitting needles than clean underwear.
V: That should be a bumper sticker.

Camera is packed in the carry-on as well. I’ll bombard you with pictures upon my return, but don’t expect to see the typical tourist sites. We’ll be staying away from most of them. My goals consist of catching a football (soccer) game, visiting a good tea shop, finding the best pubs in town, chatting with the locals and shopping for yarn/fiber/fabric. One of the yarn shops I located just happens to be in the same neighborhood where we’re staying.

Though we return the day before Easter, don’t expect to hear from me until after the 13th.

Have a wonderful week and a Happy Easter!


14 thoughts on “London, Here We Come!

  1. Oh! How nice! What game will you see? Manchester United games are amazing but a little dangerous at the Stratford end. The tower of London, tho’ a tourist spot is pretty awesome. have fun!

  2. Have a great time, can’t wait to hear all about it!!! Safe travel. I’m proud of you worrying about having your knitting items. We can always go without underwear!!

  3. You have your priorities right!!!

    I thought you would be back by now but I see that I’ll have to wait until the 13th to read about your trip :)

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