A New Port to Show off my New Cards

Thank you so much for following me to my new blog home! I truly appreciate it.

I decided to move over to WordPress, using my own domain, for several reasons. Chief among them being that I will be able to create a more professional website here. On Blogspot, I could not list all of my patterns nor could I list any of my pattern descriptions. Here I can dedicate a page to each pattern as I have done with Evie. Additionally, I can create a card gallery and eventually a quilt gallery.

I want a more professional look and to move away from my free blog was so that I will be taken seriously by local yarn stores whom I would like to wholesale my patterns to and to create a good first impression when (I refuse to say If) I publish my first design. The Old Wives Tales states that you only get one chance to make a good first impression. I think this site will better allow me to get off on the right foot.

If you follow me on Bloglines, please update my RSS feed to http://knittedgems.com/feed/. I will try to remember to leave my new address when I comment on your blog, but I just know I’ll goof once or twice.

Enough business jabber, I want to show you the cards I made last night.

First, the goofed card.

I took the time to measure each layer of cardstock and position each one that they were all centered. Only to get all the way done and realize I had stacked them on the wrong side of the card. I tried to just pull the green paper off, but I had stuck it on there pretty good. It wasn’t coming off. So, I cut around it.

I don’t think you can tell. Hopefully, nobody will look too closely.

Then, I stuck a picture of Jake on a card to send to my sister. I hadn’t realized that she never saw a picture of him until I was chatting with her two days ago. Shame on me!

Lastly, I offer you a pic of my favorite card.

I had ordered some appliques for an Americana quilt that I plan to start soon (as soon as I finish sewing up a pair of comfy pants for myself). I had a few extras and had heard that iron-on appliques will stick to just about anything. The rumors are true. They will stick to just about anything, cardstock included!


8 thoughts on “A New Port to Show off my New Cards

  1. I’m impressed! Very nice looking and clean. Your cards are great, too! Like I’ve said before: “What DON’T you do?” SO creative! :) I have to bookmark you over here now.

  2. That yarn is going to make an incredibly beautiful stole!!!! Also a delight to knit with, I’m sure. I have some lace things I’ve never blocked either – for those same reasons! Somethings require blocking and others look nicer without. So odd.

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