My First Zoe Paper Birthday Card

I cleared off my sewing table last night, relocating my sewing machine to the floor, so I could roll out my new ice cream wrapping paper. I cut out two small sections from the paper to play with. Coupled with my huge stack of cardstock paper (recently purchased with the gift cards I received for Christmas), I made my first birthday card.

I am pretty pleased with how it came out.

I only made one because the Transformer fabric was calling my name. It informed me that there are only 3 more weeks till Easter. My sister has requested pillow cases for each of the children. I plan to make them reversible, so in a year when they hate the Transformers, I won’t get a call for more pillowcases. It’s a brilliant plan … I hope.


7 thoughts on “My First Zoe Paper Birthday Card

  1. The card looks great. I like the sound of the Transformer pillowcases. My son, who is now 27years old (yikes) loved the Transformers the first time around!

  2. Very artistic! Pillow cases. Let me see, I’ve embrodiered one and the matching one is well….still in a drawer. Hope your transformers go more quickly!

  3. The card is so cute! It has made me crave some ice cream!.
    And yes the reversible pillowcase is a great idea.

  4. Pillowcase idea is super, good planning. Especially like the idea of a transformers pillowcase being a transformer itself.

    Card is cute too.

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