A Sunday Stroll in Brooklyn

Thanks to our first real snow storm on Friday, I spent most of the day relaxing and knitting. Poor Jake didn’t even get his morning walk. Surprisingly, he wasn’t upset at all. Rolling, sliding and romping in four inches of freshly fallen snow is just as good – maybe better.

The relaxation did me good. Not only did I made good progress on my 3rd tie, but I was finally able to kick the cold I had and enjoy a weekend out on the town. Saturday was spent celebrating my godson’s 3rd birthday. I’m sorry to say that Dan and I are lousy godparents. We didn’t take one picture while we were there. Hopefully, his mother will share the 5 million pictures she took soon.
Then, on Sunday, Dan and I spent the day in Brooklyn with my SIL. More accurately, we spent over seven hours traveling to and fro Brooklyn and about the same amount of time in Brooklyn, but who’s counting?

Once we arrived, we got to check out my SIL’s studio apartment. It’s small, but the huge bay window overlooking Brooklyn and the large kitchen off the main room more than make up for the lack of space. Afterwards, we had lunch. Well, they had lunch; I had blueberry pancakes made the correct way with the blueberries mixed into the batter and cooked together. Any other way is just plain wrong. Then, we strolled the streets of Brooklyn, making our way towards The Brazen Head. The Brazen Head was hosting their tri-annual real ale festival. (Real ale to a Brit is a cask conditioned ale to an American.) My SIL has learned how to woo us into agreeing to a 7 hour round trip to visit her: good beer. It works almost every time.

I asked before we headed out if we could shop along the way. Dan insisted that we keep the prize (good beer) in mind and not dally too long. I was persuaded by his gentle nudging until we came across a little store named Zoes Papers filled with beautiful papers, cards, stationery, and pens. No way was I passing this store up. My SIL and I both came away with goody bags.

It’s supposed to be wrapping paper. The clerk and I decided that it was absurd to use such pretty paper to wrap a present only to have it torn and ripped into shreds in a matter of seconds. Instead, I plan to make birthday cards out of it.

I spent the rest of the night showing off my pretty paper to Dan.
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5 thoughts on “A Sunday Stroll in Brooklyn

  1. Awesome wrapping paper! It looks very yummy. You’re right, it’s way too cute to be used for wrapping presents.

  2. thanks for your comment on my blog. Your designs are beautiful. Tomis tank it’s my first own pattern, I’m thinking to make it available for free. I just need to work on sizes changes.

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