Jake Loves his new Etsy Purchase

Jake & I went shopping on Etsy last week. Can you tell what’s different about him?

He’s not helping much, I know. I took these pictures directly after Dan had called for dessert. Jake wasn’t breaking his perfect Sit or his attentive monitoring for anything. Chicken strips are tasty.

Here’s a better pic.

It’s the blue ID tag. His old brass tag was getting tarnished. I suggested that we simply polish it. Jake vetoed that idea. Varnish smells bad. He wasn’t about to have some smelly thing dangling from his neck all day. He already has to endure ear drops once a week; that’s bad enough. Besides, he needed a tag to match his handsome blue collar.

We received it in the mail yesterday and made the swap immediately. Jake wasn’t so sure at first and then he shook his head. It made such a lovely sound against his other two tags!

Oh, boy, oh, boy! He spent the rest of the hour jingling his tags at every opportunity.

When Dan came home from work an hour later, Jake tried to show off his new tag. Dan didn’t seem to notice. Jake was undeterred and kept bouncing around him. With a few hints from me, Dan finally figured it out.

By the way, Jake wanted me to inform you that he did get his chicken strip for dessert while we ate our inferior cheesecake. mmmm, chicken strips.


8 thoughts on “Jake Loves his new Etsy Purchase

  1. What precious photos of Jake! Love his blue collar and new tag – he looks very handsome and happy and won’t get lost now.

  2. So cute! I keep buying those cheap tags from the pet tag vending machine in the Petsmart, and my dog keeps promptly losing them. Maybe I’ll have to hit up Etsy for some shopping instead…

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