So Close

2 more rows to knit!

This count includes the Bind Off row.

I can almost taste the sweet nectar of victory.

Half of me wants to stay up and knit until it’s finished. The other half – the logical half – thinks I should go to sleep. Selves don’t let other selves knit while tired. Bad things always happen.

My Whereabouts

Guess where I went yesterday?

One can’t go to center city Philadelphia, home of three fab yarn stores, without going to at least one of them! It’s impossible. I told myself that I wouldn’t have the time and wouldn’t go. When I got out of my dentist’s office early, my resolve grabbed a canoe and headed down river. Next thing I knew, I was walking to South Street.

Of course, I had to leave with something for my troubles.

It is organically grown cotton by Blue Sky Alpaca. After swearing off cotton for years, I thought I would give it a try again. Why do I hate cotton, you ask.

My reasons for hating cotton:

  • If my hands get the least bit warm, it sticks to them like feather to tar.
  • Cotton lacks the stickiness of wool. Wool wants to lay down with its fellow kind. Cotton has no such feelings. Thus, as the Yarn Harlot would say, “it’s not as forgiving as lovely wool”. It separates with the flick of a needle and is slippery to boot.
  • It’s not as warm. In Pennsylvania, the cold months outnumber the warm months. It’s important to have something warm nearby at all times.
  • It’s not as easy, fun or enjoyable to knit as lovely wool. It takes a steadier hand and more patience.

Knowing how much I hate cotton, I was still wooed by Blue Sky Alpaca’s cotton. First, it’s organically grown. Second, it’s amazingly soft. Third, it was dyed in a lovely brown and Loop only had one skein (I needed 2) of the dyed merino wool that I wanted.

My plan is to knit this cotton into a Chevron & Diamond scarf for myself. I’ll be reporting back to you on what I think of the yarn.