No Quilted Blocks Today

I feel like the last two weeks I have done nothing but talk about my Ode to Quilting blocks on this blog. So, today, I’m not going to mention them outside of this paragraph. Well, I have to tell someone that I am 75% done with my 8th block! It is titled Log Cabin block.

Instead, I’ll show off my latest sewing project.

Can you tell what it is?

Don’t feel bad if you haven’t a clue. Dan wanted to help me spread out the tablecloth. I can give you a hint: it’s not a tablecloth.

Rather, it is my roman shade for the dining room windows. One is already hung and mounted to the left window. It has been pulled all the way to the top to train it (allow the creases to form) and to not let onto the neighbors that we only have one window covering up. Goodness knows they already think we are a bit queer.

The shade in the pic is for the right window. I hope to finish it this week and have Dan mount it over the weekend. He is going to be working a lot of long hours this weeks as it is crunch time for the project he is on. So, the chances of him mounting the curtain during the work week are nil.