So Close

2 more rows to knit!

This count includes the Bind Off row.

I can almost taste the sweet nectar of victory.

Half of me wants to stay up and knit until it’s finished. The other half – the logical half – thinks I should go to sleep. Selves don’t let other selves knit while tired. Bad things always happen.


4 thoughts on “So Close

  1. lol, where’s the enormous cup of coffee when you need it…?? For me its reading a REALLY good action-packed part of a book and realizing it is 12am and I get up in 4 hours…sad…

  2. yes. . . . tired or intoxicated knitting SEEMS like a good idea. . . until the next morning when you have to tear out more than you knit because you somehow managed to screw up rows that were knit well before you shouldn’t have been knitting anymore!

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