Christmas Tree Skirt, the 1st tie

The 1st of 9 ties is downstairs being blocked.

I just love the way this tie came out. The colors are gorgeous and so little work was required by me to make the yarn shine. I must tip my hat again to Brenda for hand-dyeing and hand-spinning this fiber for me. My MIL has asked me why I don’t try my hand at dyeing. My answer is because I could never have my yarn look like this. My time is better spent listening to the yarn and manipulating it into various shapes.

I will cast on for the white tie next week, which will feature a cabled pine tree in its center.

My plan is to complete the pattern with just 2 of the 9 ties being knitted. If we wait for me to complete knitting all 9 ties, there won’t be enough days left for any knitter to purchase the pattern and complete the skirt before Christmas is here. Additionally, I will offer the pattern at a discount, since it will take a small leap of faith from the knitter to believe that the 2 knitted ties make up a 50-inch diameter tree skirt.


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