Finished Knitting the Mohair Stole

Weeee! I just finished knitting the Mohair Stole and weaving in the rest of the ends!
As you may recall, this is an xmas present for my MIL. I’m 1.5 months early. I’ve never been so prepared and organized. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with myself on Christmas morning. It’s been tradition to get up at 3am to finish whatever project I have still on the needles. Maybe I’ll get up anyway and make waffles, eggs, and bacon.

Here are 2 pics before blocking. (Post blocking pics will have to come much later. I imagine the mohair is going to take a million years to dry).

If you are eyeing the lovely, golf-green rugs, please understand that they came with the house. The house was decorated back in the 1970’s and as far as I can tell – never altered again. Slowly but surely, we are moving the rugs to find gorgeous hardwood floors underneath. In the meantime, we’re going for a kitsch decor. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


6 thoughts on “Finished Knitting the Mohair Stole

  1. That is gorgeous!
    Is it a multi-colored dyed yarn? Did it just happen to make that wonderful pattern. whenever I use a multi-color dyed yarn it never comes out so gracefully!

  2. Thank you, everyone, for your kinds words!

    Novel, to answer your question, Yes and No. The mohair came from Ellen’s Half Pint Farm. It was dyed in a mix of reds and greys. When I first started knitting the stole, I noticed that the red color was pooling in the middle of the stole. Thus, in an attempt to get the yarn to look more blended, I cut the yarn after every repeat (16 rows) and wove in a new skein. However, about half way through the stole, I noticed that every time I would weave in a new skein it would revert back to the original color (grey) as if it was trying to self-pattern. And so I let it. The latter half of the stole was knit without any intervention from me.

  3. so in other words, you can’t get away from a pattern, no matter what you do… :)

    Well, I really like the color pattern, and I love the two colors together.

    Very nicely done!

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