Stash Find for Holiday KAL-CAL

I have been waiting several years to get the inspiration to use the Mohair blend I purchased from Ellen’s 1/2 Pint Farm. Like usual, I was wooed by the color. Can you blame me?

I purchased it at the Stitches East market many years ago when the event was still hosted in King of Prussia. My intention at the time was to pair it with Reynold’s Candide (100% wool) until I realized how warm mohair was all on its own. So, it sat in my yarn stash and was buried by all my other yarn purchases. Yesterday, searching for something to make for the Holiday KAL-CAL, I found it. It told me straight away that it wanted to be a stole. Who am I to argue? Goodness knows, I haven’t thought of anything better these past several years.

So, a stole it will be. But, for who? The best MIL in the world, of course. Truly, she is the only one who would appreciate all the work that would go into it (she being a fellow knitter and crocheter) and the only one who needs a stole so warm (she lives in Maine). Plus, like most knitters/crocheters, I can’t remember the last time she made something for herself.

Onward to the swatching process! I have three different lace patterns that I want to demo out on the yarn.


2 thoughts on “Stash Find for Holiday KAL-CAL

  1. Cool can’t wait to see.
    When I post my survey results you will see that your MIL appears to be in the minority with not knitting for herself.

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