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Jane of Glorious Hats tagged me. Well, shucks, color me bashful (the color of grey if Eeyore is to be trusted). I’m honored to be tagged by somebody whose hat making skills blow me away.

The rules:
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2. Share 7 facts about yourself: some random, some weird.
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7 Facts About Me
1. I like my tea the way the Irish do: Strong enough for a mouse to scurry over.
2. In order for me to recall an event, I first have to remember where I was when it happened.
3. My favorite Christmas song is “I Wanna Hippopotamus for Christmas”.
4. I eat 2 breakfasts (almost) every day.
5. Every Fall, I go on a Leaf Tour with my husband and 2 dear friends.
6. I am a dedicated thrower (knitting term that means I knit in the English way).
7. When hand quilting, I do not use a thimble, preferring to use the inside of my fingernail to push the needle along.
Tagging 7 People
1. Mrs. H who always makes me laugh when I read her blog
2. Marti and Laurie, sisters who share their funny life stories and their beautiful knitting patterns
3. Loren who roots for the wrong baseball team (the Phillies is the Right team, of course), but makes up for it in her stories of her very large family (1 husband, 2 sons, 1 chocolate lab, 1 cat, 2 goats, and several sheep … plus I might have missed some others) and her hand spinning
5. Maple & Cassie whose pictures of their many alpacas never cease to make you go “Awwww”. Maple then spins and dyes the alpaca fleece into yummy yarns, while Cassie supervises.
6. Tracie, an avid crocheter, has just recently made the move to become a full-time designer & teacher. Congrats to her for having her very first submission to a magazine be approved!
7. Brenda who spins natural fibers into beautiful yarns on just a drop spindle. You may recall that she is spinning my Christmas yarn up.

Home Sweet Home

It is good to be back home.

I missed my Jake.
I missed my quilt frame.
I missed my comfy knitting chair.
I missed my bed.
And as good as the food was, I missed being able to cook, especially breakfast.

Was it as bad as I thought it was going to be? No, but it was worse than my husband thought it was going to be.

Yesterday was the first day in 7 days that my feet didn’t hurt.
Yesterday was also the first day in 7 days that husband’s legs weren’t sore.
Tuesday was the only day I got overheated.
Wednesday was the only day I cried.
Saturday was the only day I was sick while at Disney. (I’m still sick today, but at least I can curl up in bed).

Yet, all in all, the good outweighed the bad.

Monday Hubby and I ate our favorite meal.
Wednesday night Hubby and I took the kids out to a character dinner (minus the parents). Then, we brought them back to the hotel for scrapbooking (they had a blast! … and so did I!)

Thursday I met Mulan.

Friday we divided and conquered the kids. Hubby and I got Kail, the youngest.
Friday night Hubby and I escaped to wander around Epcot, still our favorite park, alone. It poured and we came back soaking wet, but it was still fun.

And, of course, it was wonderful to see my sister and her fam.
Plus, I got lots of knitting done on my AWHF shawl. (more pictures later)

My sister is already planning next year’s vacation. I plan to hide in the mountain of dog hair that is still blowing around on the floor despite my attempt to clean yesterday. Maybe she won’t find me.

If you see her, mums the word.