Uses for Kid’s Artwork – Idea #1

As you know, I have a problem just throwing Elly’s artwork out, but I can’t possibly keep the mountains of artwork she creates. Well, to be more precise, I have a hard time throwing out Elly’s paintings and legible drawings. It’s not just because Elly made it. Without a second thought, I toss little crafts that Elly makes on a daily basis. No, it’s more because I love paintings. The more colorful they are; the more I love them. Elly thinks like I do; she too loves color and rarely limits herself to just one. So, I swoon whenever Elly pulls out the paintbrushes. I do.

Rather than throw out Elly’s awesome paintings, I have come up with a few ways to save them or repurpose them.

A clock! 

This was an easy project. All you need are 4 handprints, scissors, white acrylic paint, mod podge, a clock and clock gear.

Elly made the handprints with Crayola washable paint and construction paper.

The clock, clock gear, and mod podge I purchased from AC Moore. The paint came from my insane supply.

Once home with our clock, Elly and I gave it a coat of white acrylic paint.  

Then, I fussy cut around the handprints.

With a paintbrush (though Dan prefers a foam brush for fewer brush marks), I coated the entire clock with mod podge. It took me a while to line the handprints up at the 12,3,6, and 9 positions.

To protect the handprints, I sealed the entire front of the clock three times over with mod podge.

Finally, I installed the clock gear.


Though I was tempted to keep this clock myself, Elly picked out who she wanted to give it to for Christmas.


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