Sunday Snapshots (of Reading Museum)

Earlier this week, Elly and I visited the Reading Museum. It had been my intention of taking her to the playground across the street from the museum, but it was a mite too cold. So, to the museum we went.

I was worried that there would be nothing for Elly to do and I would spent the entire visit begging her to not touch anything. When they let her in free (kids 3 years and younger are allowed in free), my shoulders might have slumped in defeat.

Then, the museum staff directed us to their new exhibit, Run! Jump! FLY!, stating that Elly would enjoy it the most. He wasn’t wrong. The entire exhibit is geared towards kids. Mind you, they probably had 7 year old kids in mind when they put it together, but Elly still had fun despite being too small to do some of the activities. There was a rock wall, yoga station, dance station, and an exercise station. Elly’s favorite was the surf and snow section where she got to ride the waves and snowboard down the snow.

Elsewhere in the museum, I did have to ask Elly not to touch sculptures and paintings. Surprisingly though, there were things that Elly could touch. There were “Please Touch” signs at all the Discovery Stations as they were called.

Elly got to try her hand at weaving.

I pity the poor staff member who had to untie all the knots Elly made.

When we left, it was all one big knot.

So, yes, I think Elly and I will be back to visit the Reading Museum this winter when it is too cold to go out and play.


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