Sunday Snapshots (of the new KidZooU)

Since purchasing a Philadelphia Zoo membership, Elly and I have visited the zoo three times. On the last 2 visits, we spent the majority of our time in the new KidZooU.

The KidZooU section is located in the old elephant home. When the elephants moved to their new homes, the place was revamped for the kids. It’s like a Please Touch Museum except better because the kids get to touch animals.

Elly loves it!

Outside in the barnyard area, she’s petted several goats, a few sheep, and a horse.

Elly’s two complaints have been that she isn’t allowed to feed the animals and she isn’t allowed to sit down next to the animals. Although hay is provided for all the animals and the animals are almost always munching on it, the staff does ask that you not pick the hay up so little fingers are not nibbled along with the hay. Dear Elly desperately wants to feed the animals and I find myself constantly reminding her of the hay rule as well as discouraging her from finding rocks on the ground to feed the animals. Oh, the things I thought I would never have to say.

As far as Elly’s desire to sit next to an animal, well that is just her way of making friends with it. It is the cutest thing. The zoo staff discourage sitting on the ground only because the animals urinate and defecate on the ground. It’s understandable.

Outside, there is even a playground for the kids. Though it is designed for the older kid and not the population of 3 and under. Poor Elly had a panic attack on their rope bridge and I had to go save her.

Inside the KidZooU, Elly has pet a Madagascar hissing cockroach. How I wish I could show you a picture of that! Alas, Elly insists that I hold her while she pets the cockroach; it helps her be brave.

Though the cockroach is the only animal we have been able to pet inside the KidZooU, there is no fear a kid getting bored. Like I said, it’s similar to a Please Touch Museum, although to be honest, I have never been to a Please Touch Museum despite my best friend’s open invitation. Must rectify that.

Elly’s 3 favorite things to do inside the KidZooU are to play in the ant cave which is filled with foam ant eggs,

to play in the barn designed for children 3 and under,

and to operate the recycle box elevator.

If you have the opportunity to visit the Philadelphia Zoo, I highly recommend the KidZooU.


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