Sunday Snapshots (of Elly knitting)

You read that right.

Elly saw me knitting a rug on Thursday (more on that later). She begged me to let her help. Always thrilled to have Elly take an interest in my crafts, I showed her how to make a knit stitch. Afterwards, she asked me for a ball of yarn and needles.

Elly patiently wrapped the yarn around the needles.

She told me that she was knitting me a scarf.



4 thoughts on “Sunday Snapshots (of Elly knitting)

  1. Marie, Elly is oh so adorable and that is so great that she is showing an interest at such a young age. I love reading your blogs. Hope you guys are well, Pattie Ann

  2. Precious pictures. Giving a child a craft is so awesome. My grandmothers gave me quilting and embroidery, and my son has taken on my drawing with crayons. Glad to see your Elly follow you in knitting. A great designer one day, perhaps?

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