Flea Market Finds

On Sunday, there was a flea market at a nearby firehouse in Gilbertsville.

I found too many amazing finds that I had to bring home.

a new sewing box

It took me no time at all to fill it with my sewing notions.

an eggnog set for making and drinking homemade eggnog

If you have never had homemade eggnog, then you have never had eggnog. The homemade version is so different and superior in every way compared to the store-bought version. It’s heavenly light unlike the store-bought version that is so thick you could probably stand toothpicks up in it.

cookie cutters that I bought from my next door neighbor

Thanks to him I have added a turkey, a chicken, a goose and a camel to my collection.

an apron with pockets!

I loved the color and did I mention that it had pockets? Oh, yeah. It has pockets. I love pockets in aprons.

The best find was a new bird feeder.

Elly and I love it! It’s so whimsical and fun!

Dan is hoping that it will grow on him.

My neighbor who was at the flea market and whom I bought the cookie cutters from told me not to hang it on the side of my house that was close to his house. Then, perhaps to soften the criticism because he could see I really loved it, he told me that I would be the only person on the block with such a unique bird feeder.

He’s right. Nobody else will have this bird feeder. I love it all the more now.

Hand crafted by Alan Hammer