Christmas Cookies Galore

We are swimming in cookies now.

I have only baked 3 batches myself.

Buttermilk sugar cookies (drop style with green frosting on top)

Cranberry chocolate cookies

Dan’s favorite, the Highland Shortbread cookies

Thanks to the cookie swap with the Mom’s Club, I look like a baking goddess though.

I still have one more batch of cookies to make because Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without my gingerbread men.

Growing up, we always made sugar cookies and I still do make them during our get together with friends, but I could take them or leave them. A few years ago the gingerbread men took their rightful place as my favorite cookies to make. Why?

Because the gingerbread men are so much fun to decorate and to personalize!


2 thoughts on “Christmas Cookies Galore

  1. Amazing array of delights for the season. Wish I could take a bite of each one. I’m sure Elly helped, too. Your Christmas card with the pictures was just darling. Thank you for sending it; I am keeping all the cards to compare the growth of Elly year by year.

    1. Elly did help; you were right. She helped put the sprinkles on the sugar cookies. Though I am pretty sure that she ate more sprinkles than she put on the cookies. ha! So glad you liked the card. Happy New Year!

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