Sunday Snapshots (of painted pumpkins)

Yesterday, Elly and I painted the two pumpkins she had picked out last week.

After drawing a happy face on the first pumpkin, Elly drew a line from the eye to the top of the pumpkin and announced that it was a pirate. Dan was so proud.

The paint is already flaking off because I insisted that we use Crayola washable paint rather than acrylic paint. Acrylic paint would have stuck better to the pumpkins, but it also would have stuck a bit too well to Elly and to my clothes. Elly tends to paint aggressively when she gets into a zone. Paint starts flying.

There is still the big pumpkin to decorate. Since we are stuck indoors thanks to Hurricane Sandy, we’ll have oodles of time to draw a face on it and carve it out. It’s a family affair because Dan is responsible for cleaning the guts of the pumpkin out.

Update: Elly loved helping Daddy carve the pumpkin though she refused to help clean out the seeds. She didn’t want to get her hands dirty. Ha!

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