Next Sewing Project: Curtains

Winter is coming.

The lovely sheer curtains I made for the living room windows were great for the summer. They let in so much light.

They also let in a ton of warmth thanks to the southern exposure, but the AC worked hard to keep us cool.

Although the boiler could keep us warm in the winter, money could be saved if I added another layer or two to the windows. Plus, more curtains will keep me from uncontrollably shivering every time I glanced at the windows and saw only a thin layer of organza separating me from the ice and snow.

The fabric chosen for the living room coordinates with the red in my beloved fireplace.

Yet, the white background color keeps the curtains from being too dark, my main complaint of the original draperies.

The curtains will be lined with warm, heavy flannel. I’ve used flannel in all the previous window dressings made and it does a great job in blocking the bitter cold air that seeps in through the window panes.

Red grommets will be used to hang the curtains. I wanted something that would allow the curtains to be pulled aside easily and still look casual.

Now to go pick up my machine from the shop. After all the dress sewing, it was in need of a tune up.