Making a House a Home with Pictures

This wall has always been our picture wall from the day we moved into this house.

You can see it here in the first picture Elly took on my old point and shoot camera.

Yet, for the past 4 years, it hadn’t been updated.

Even worse, there were no pictures of Elly in the house aside from one tabletop frame. There are close to a thousand pictures of Elly in my online Picasa photo gallery, but none had been printed and placed in a frame.

So, this past month, I have been updating baby pictures of my godsons with more recent pictures as well as adding more pictures of family.

Elly’s picture got the star treatment it deserved.

It’s a 16 by 20 poster print. The picture is one of my favorites: Elly playing tug-o-war with Jake.

I even framed my favorite piece of her artwork.

The whole house feels brighter and happier.


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