Dress Progress

Although the taffeta fabric is gorgeous, it is persnickety to work with. It is constantly slipping about. Coupled with the underlining, it feels like I’m working with bullet-proof material.

The other issue is that the pattern I’m using for Elly’s dress has no straight edges. Every edge is a curve. So, like inserting a sleeve, I have to ease in each and every piece of fabric. It takes time.

Despite hand-basting all the seams before I sew them on the sewing machine, I’ve made some minor errors. Rather than rip them all back, I plan to hide them as best as possible and just hope nobody notices. Or if someone does notice, she minds her manners and says not a word.

For the first time since buying this fancy sewing machine, I’m using the decorative stitches. When topstitching, I am using a flower motif for the stitch and a gold thread so it pops on the dress.

I love the results.

Almost no progress has been made on my dress. Elly’s dress is more important in my book, since she is the flower girl. So, I’m trying to finish her dress first. I’d say I’m about a 1/4 of the way done on her dress. It’s coming together nicely despite all my complaints above. The end justifies the means.


4 thoughts on “Dress Progress

  1. I’m sure Elly will look just beautiful in her dress! I think you have done a wonderful job and people will only be saying what a lovely child your Elly is, anyway!

    1. Thank you! I plan to cover the little imperfections (such as the seams not lining up perfectly) with embellishments like ribbon flowers or buttons. I don’t think anybody will be the wiser and it will keep me from gnashing my teeth every time I see the back of her dress. But, you’re right, she is a beautiful child and would look adorable wearing a potato sack. Ha!

  2. I like your decorative stitching on the dress. Have not done that in a long time, and it does add texture and flavor, so to speak. Pretty! That fabric must be hard to work with.

    1. The fabric isn’t terrible to work with. It’s just slippery and I hate fighting with the fabric as it’s going under the sewing machine needle. It takes away the joy of sewing for me.
      The decorative stitching is adding a lot to the dress. It was a fly-by-my-seat decision, but it’s made a huge difference.

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