Wing Chair Looks Worse



It’s more colorful – just not in a good way. A store-bought slip cover will go back on until I can finish sewing the main body together.

This seat cushion took a lot longer than anticipated for 2 reasons. First, it took a back seat while the sheer curtains were being made. Secondly, all the seams were encased with a Hong Kong seam finish.

Typically, there is no reason to do anything with the seams other than press them open on a slip cover. Yet, as lovely as the green fabric is, it frays like mad. Plus, this is a slip cover that due to its light color and the fact that it must inhabit a home with a dog and a small child will get washed quite frequently. It needs to be able to withstand the wear and tear from the washer and from us. I do not want to be making another slip cover in a year. The memory of this one will need to fade away first.

In other sewing news, the pattern pieces of muslin #2 have been cut out for both Elly’s and my party dress. I anticipate a lot of work needing to be done on my muslin, but Elly’s muslin should fit perfectly. I probably just went and jinxed myself.


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