Fearless February update



The pictures look the same, no?

A side view is needed.

Before the seat cushion stuck out a full two inches from the chair base. It was so uncomfortable to sit in.

The seat cushion didn’t always stick out so far. It appears that my replacement foam cushions were thicker than the original cushions.

My original fix-it plan was to trim the seat cushion. Dan stopped me just as I was ready to cut open the muslin lining. He reminded me how long it had taken me to sew the slip cover. Wouldn’t it be easier to trim the back cushion?

Indeed it was. I cut a 2 inch depth by 4 inch tall section out of the bottom of the back cushion. Now the seat cushion fits snugly into the contours of the chair and doesn’t stick out.

It is much more comfortable to sit in. My feet touch the floor, which is a big deal when you are only 5 feet tall like me.

Fearless February Sewing

Ten Thousand Hours of Sewing

Victoria of the Ten Thousand Hours of Sewing blog is hosting a Fearless February sew-a-long. The goal is to sew something that you have been too scared to tackle.

It is just the kick in the pants that I need to finish the slip cover for the wing chair.
Months ago, I made the slip cover for the seat cushion.

Yet, the chair is still hidden beneath a store-bought slip cover that doesn’t fit, being designed for a different style of chair. It irritates me on a daily basis.

It’s true that other projects have demanded my attention, but I could have made time to sew the slip cover. I have been avoiding it like the plague. I even put the fabric away, too scared to cut it up.

Victoria says the way to tackle such sewing fears is to just pick up the scissors, turn on the sewing machine and just do it. Her sew-a-long promises lots of encouragement, which is good. I’m going to need it.

Wing Chair Looks Worse



It’s more colorful – just not in a good way. A store-bought slip cover will go back on until I can finish sewing the main body together.

This seat cushion took a lot longer than anticipated for 2 reasons. First, it took a back seat while the sheer curtains were being made. Secondly, all the seams were encased with a Hong Kong seam finish.

Typically, there is no reason to do anything with the seams other than press them open on a slip cover. Yet, as lovely as the green fabric is, it frays like mad. Plus, this is a slip cover that due to its light color and the fact that it must inhabit a home with a dog and a small child will get washed quite frequently. It needs to be able to withstand the wear and tear from the washer and from us. I do not want to be making another slip cover in a year. The memory of this one will need to fade away first.

In other sewing news, the pattern pieces of muslin #2 have been cut out for both Elly’s and my party dress. I anticipate a lot of work needing to be done on my muslin, but Elly’s muslin should fit perfectly. I probably just went and jinxed myself.