Elly’s 2nd Muslin

Ever am I glad that I chose to make a 2nd muslin for Elly’s (untraditional) flower girl dress. Though the belly darts still allowed for a perfect fit around the waist, Elly had grown so much (since March!) that the bodice was ridiculously short on her. The 1.5 inches I had taken out of the straps had to be let back in.

With the wedding 3 months away, I am terrified that Elly will shoot up again and the dress will once again be too short for her.

I don’t want to wait till the last minute to sew Elly’s dress. My nerves will snap under the pressure. I know me. I’m likely to make some stupid error and weep in despair.

I also don’t want to use buttons for future growth such as you would see on overalls. It would take away from the elegance of the dress.

At this point, I plan to leave a generous seam allowance and just check the fit a week before the day of the wedding. A week should be enough time to make a quick alteration. Another option would be to make the next size up, the size for 7-8 year olds. It just seems absurdly large for my daughter who will only be 2.5 years old. Elly is a big girl, it’s true, but she’s not that big!

Is there a better option? I’m open to suggestions!

Sunday Snapshots (of swinging)

Granny bought Elly her own swing.

She loves it. She’s a little obsessed with it.

Dan had a little trouble hanging it. First, he tried the tree, but it was too close to the trunk.

So, he moved it further down the branch. It no longer hit the trunk. The shade was lovely. Elly could swing really high. The only problem was the swing would get twisted on the ropes and I constantly had to realign it.

Yesterday, Dan hung the swing on the front porch.

It’s perfect. It’s in the sun during the morning hours, but that is only a problem 2 months out of the year.

Elly is happy so long as she has a swing she can go on every single day of her life.