Preserving Elly’s Artwork

It’s already started and Elly isn’t even in school yet. There is already a massive amount of artwork pouring out of her. Thankfully, her favorite medium is currently modeling clay and the easiest way to preserve such masterpieces is to just take a picture.

Not so with the masterpieces that are made with paint and crayons. Rather, I don’t have the heart to throw out her artwork. To combat the growing stack and to share the love, I already mail stacks of her artwork to relatives. Elly’s grandmother, great grandmother, grandfather, great aunt and dear neighbor have a collection of her artwork. Still I hadn’t quite figured out what to do with all the artwork I was keeping.

While working on the 3rd scrapbook for our family, I realized half was just Elly’s artwork. It made more sense to make a scrapbook just for her artwork. So, that is exactly what I did.

Here are my supplies spread out on my new craft table, another yard sale find. I might be becoming an addict.

I tried to keep the pages as simple as possible so that the feature was Elly’s artwork. The scrapbook can be expanded, which is a good thing.

One piece of artwork wasn’t put in the scrapbook because I just love it. If I saw it in an art gallery, I would buy it. It’s amazing.

Just look at the bright red color, the circular motion and the use of white to balance it all out. It’s good. Artists could learn something from my Elly. So, I decided to frame it instead.


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