Getting Serious About Knitting

My goal is to complete the hexagon blanket in 3 weeks. Well, just the knitting portion; I’m giving myself a whole month to seam all the hexagonal pieces together.

I have 2 1/3 hexagons left to knit. The dwindling supply of yarn had me feeling anxious, so I took a road trip yesterday with Elly and my neighbor to my LYS, Yarn Gallery. While Elly snuggled with the resident dog, the owner found yarn to match my dye lot. What luck!

To aid me in my knitting goal, I’ll be joining Cheryl Marie of in a Knitting Marathon on April 25th. I won’t be dedicating as many hours to knitting as Cheryl Marie because I’ll have Elly by my side, but I hope to make a serious dent in the remaining hexagons all the same. Elly should enjoy her movie time if nothing else.

If you have any unfinished knitting projects that you too are desperate to finish, you should join us!


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