A Week with Elly

As promised, “A Week with Elly” will be published weekly. Enjoy watching the funny things she does; we sure do!

First, she piled all her toys up next to and on top of Daddy. Then, she climbed up next to him and watched TV together.

Running after the kite that Daddy was trying to fly (not enough wind).

Building a sand castle in her sandbox. She prefers wet sand to dry.

Elly struggled to hit a croquet ball the typical way, so she opted to whack it like a mole.

“Hello, Mama Bird, are you home?” asked Elly while she knocked on the tree with a rock.

Because standing in front of a table filled with water is not nearly as much fun as sitting in a pool of water.

Yes, she climbed up here all by herself to sit in her chair. And ever was she proud!


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