Scored 2 Chairs

On my way back from taking Jake for a walk and letting Elly play at the local school playground, I saw these chairs sitting in front of my neighbor’s house.

I loved them immediately.

The big, dark wood goes with all the rest of the old, inherited furniture we own. Though the cushions need to be replaced, I still have half a roll of cushion foam leftover from my ongoing wing back chair project.

Do you remember my crazy musical chair plan for the wood stove? Well, we won’t be getting the wood stove because it wouldn’t easily connect to our fireplace. However, my plan involved having 2 chairs flanking the fireplace. I even wished for another wing back chair to slip cover.

I got pretty close to having my wish granted. Neither are wing back chairs, but they are comfy sitting chairs. Not being wing backs will allow me to sew slip covers in a weekend or two rather than months.

This chair is actually a rocker.

I love rocking chairs. I haven’t a clue where I will put it. There really isn’t room for it, but that didn’t stop me from dragging it home. Literally. Dan was off watching a movie with a friend. Not willing to leave it on the curb lest someone else snatch it and not able to lift it, I drug it across my neighbor’s yard and into my yard. Sheer determination got it onto our front porch.


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