A Small Change

We moved into our house almost 6 years ago. All the windows came with curtains. I have born a deep hatred for them all. They are too formal, too flowerly, and too dark. Yet, I have kept them, biding my time until I find the perfect fabric to replace them with.

But, why did I keep the mini curtain over the front door? It served no real purpose. It looked ugly. I suppose I kept it because it matched the rest of the curtains in the living room.

As usual, I forgot to snap a before picture. Thankfully, Elly caught the front door in the very first picture she took on my camera.

Yesterday, after finally ordering half of the fabric to replace the red living room curtains, I climbed onto a chair and removed the curtain hardware.

It looks so much better.

All I did was remove 4 screws. If only all DIY projects were this easy ……


One thought on “A Small Change

  1. Funny how we keep things the way they are “just because”…it does look more open and inviting without the red drape. Nice!

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