Revisiting Knee Warmers

4 years ago, I knit Dan a pair of knee warmers.

After wearing them for a winter, he provided me the following feedback:

1. They were was warm.
2. They were super soft.

1. They wouldn’t stay up around his knees. He was constantly pulling them back up.
2. They were thick. He was unable to wear them discreetly at work because they could be seen beneath his pants.

Determined to figure out how to knit the perfect pair of knee warmers since it appears that Dan is not the only one who suffers from cold knees (the post where I show off Dan’s knee warmers remains one of my most popular), I have rooted through my sewing notions as well as my yarn stash.

I have chosen mohair.

It’s a bit of a risk due to its tendency to make people itch when used in next-to-skin projects, but it will dramatically reduce the weight of the warmers without compromising any warmth. Heck, it might even make them warmer.

From my sewing notions, I pulled out elastic thread. This I plan to knit into the upper cuffs of ribbing. It should more than double the elasticity of the ribbing and with any luck it will keep them from falling down.

To increase my chance of finishing this project by next winter (no way I finish it by Spring), the body of the warmers will be knit in stockingnette stitch.

Dan has promised to be the guinea pig and provide unbiased feedback. I’ll report his findings to you.


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