Goodbye Christmas Tree

When we moved to this house 6 years ago, there were 18 trees on approximately 1/3 acre of land. Our neighbors  to the left of our house were partial to the 5 dogwoood trees. They told us stories about how the trees were often used as the back drop for their children’s prom pictures. Our neighbors to the right of our house were partial to the holly tree and the red berries it bore every winter.
The dogwoods and the holly are nice trees, but my 2 favorites were the huge pin oak

and the Colorado blue spruce.

The first 2 years we lived here I trimmed the spruce tree for the holidays. I loved how it almost shimmered after a snowfall.

A few days ago we had TreePro come by and remove it as it was slowly dying. I’m going to miss that old tree come winter.

For the record, despite removing 4 of the old trees for one reason or another, we have more trees than we started with thanks to my planting 5. Well, I actually planted 9, but only 5 took.


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