Perfect Intermittent Knitting Project

The hexagon afghan is a perfect project to work on when occasions to knit are few and far between. With a quick row count, I know exactly where I am in the pattern. Should I forget what rows to count, I have the pattern written down in my pda (I have yet to embrace the smart phones or ipads. I’m also the same person who thought Dan was silly when he bought me a pda so many years ago. Some things never change).

It’s also the perfect project to knit when all such occasions to knit are in the car. Since the hexagons are being knit individually, the project always remains small and portable. No accessories are needed which means I have a better chance of packing everything necessary to knit with – just yarn and needles.

The best thing about this project is that it is fun to knit. The decreasing of stitches on almost every right side row, the swapping of yarn on every other row and the picking up stitches keeps me entertained.


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