Killing the Hardiest Plants

Spring this year was typical of this region: cool temperatures and spring rains. There was no reason to believe summer would be any different from previous summers: hot weather with thunderstorms rolling through every few days.
Well, the hot weather arrived in style. This week has been brutal with temperatures over 100F. Yet, the rains haven’t come. Nearby towns have gotten rain, but Pottstown has received no significant rainfall for almost 2 months. It shows. The grass is brown and brittle. Leaves are turning yellow on several trees and falling off far in advance of Fall.

The common privet hedgerow that my neighbor assured me was impossible to kill is dying.

This was the same hedgerow that I painstakingly removed all the dead branches, old growth and leggy shoots from when we first moved here. Despite all the hard work, I refuse to save it from this slow death by watering it. For if it dies, with joy I will cut it down and plant a row of Hollywood Juniper which will blend a bit better with the informal look of my garden elsewhere.

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