Doubting the Dress Fabric

I am having buyer’s remorse over the fabric I bought at my local quilt shop.

The fabric is fun. Who doesn’t love polka dots?
The colors are perfect.
So, what’s wrong with it?
See for yourself.

It conflicts with the India fabric rather than complementing it. Of course, the green fabric won’t go to waste. Fabric never does in this house. Even Dan’s retired dress shirts get a 2nd life in some small project or another. I’m thinking the green fabric might look better as a jumper.

With the green fabric set aside, other colors were auditioned. Using white as both the lining and the accent color has the opposite problem.

It’s too plain and dreadfully boring.

Adding in a border of flowers might solve my problem, but it’s a bit fiddly and might be too grown-up looking.

What do you think?
Should I have eliminated the green fabric in the first place?

Gosh, I can’t wait until Elly can help me choose colors and fabrics.

Right now she loves everything.


2 thoughts on “Doubting the Dress Fabric

  1. Hummm. I’m not great at matching fabrics! I like the green. It is not “matchy” but I think it is the patterns that the eye is drawn to, the dots on the green and the motifs on the main fabric are slightly “off kilter looking” but so many things are out there with strips and dots etc.
    I think the last one with the flowers is good, Does it look too busy without the white?
    How about dyeing the white a slight pink or purple?
    Sorry, too much input? Ha, I’m no help.

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