Christmas Question in July

I am halfway through making Elly her 1st of many Christmas gifts.

Here’s my question:
Should I wrap the gifts I make for Elly and put them under the tree?

On one side, Elly will only be 10.5 months old. Any gift opening will have to be done by Dan or I. Thus, I will be making Dan open a bunch of gifts for Elly that he has already seen and knows about. It seems a bit silly when you look at it that way. Rather than go through the ritual for tradition’s sake, we could focus on having a relaxing Christmas morning before we head over to family and the mayhem begins. (I do anticipate that Elly will be spoiled rotten).

On the other hand, it will be Elly’s 1st Christmas. There is a part of me that wants to lavish her with gifts even if she doesn’t understand why and can’t participate in the unwrapping. Plus, I will be making several gifts for her between now and Christmas: 4 dresses and a duvet cover. I suppose I could always place them directly in her closet.

My practical side says No. The mother in me is conflicted. The traditionalist says Yes.