Barely Knitting

In the past 3 months since Elly was born, I think I have knitted 2 rows on her shawl and 8 rows on her blanket. I worry that I will never finish them.

During my little windows of free time, I prefer to cook, since I am constantly hungry, or to sew on my fancy new machine.

Yet, I miss knitting terribly. All the pretty yarn beckons to me, asking to be touched. Already my queue of items I hope to knit one day is no longer realistic.

Still I regret nothing. Elly is my pride and joy, especially when her goofy side shines through.

Yes, that is a Piglet ring around her chubby thigh.
No, I did not put it there. She did.

5 thoughts on “Barely Knitting

  1. Knitting will always be here for you. Stay tuned to your mothering instincts. You are doing what is right for now.

  2. She is so cute. Your knitting will be there when you are ready to go back to it. Right now enjoy little Elly, Whoa she is showing off those good looking legs!! Must take after her Mom, (with the legs, not showing off)

  3. Oh my gosh she is so cute, I love those thighs!

    I remember finishing knitting projects just in time for them to grow out of it. I soon started knitting sizes bigger because I finally realized I would never get them done in time. Alas, I still have about 20 unfinished items for my children when they were babes. Oh well. We love our babies too much I guess!

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