Month Report

A little over a month has passed since Elly was born yet still normal life still has not yet been resumed.
There has been no knitting, sewing, or card making. Only 3 dishes have been cooked up: bread pudding, rice pudding and pancakes. All were made within the last week.
My main focus has been nursing Elly. Sometimes I manage to catch sleep in between her feedings. Sometimes I don’t.
I persevere through the long hours because this is my reward.

Sheer bliss.

At Elly’s most recent check-up, the doctor confirmed what we had guessed: Elly has gained a lot of weight. She now weighs 11 lbs and measures 21.25″. You can really see the difference in her hands and her face.

Of course, I am thrilled with Elly’s continued good health. On the other hand, I am also chomping at the bit to resume some of my hobbies. Maybe soon, but I don’t want to rush things. Elly will only be this age once. I am trying to savor every moment.


9 thoughts on “Month Report

  1. So pretty! They do grow up fast so enjoy this stage while you can. Every stage is awesome. Motherhood just keeps getting better and better. (That is supposed to be an encouraging statement, so I hope it came off as that.)

  2. congratulations….enjoy….when days are tough and my 7 yr old son is whining about math homework, I look into his eyes and I immediately go back to the days you are in RIGHT NOW. Enjoy.. Its all good in the math homework.. And the sleep and the knitting WILL come back I promise. One day she will be playing on the floor content and you will pick up a project and think HUH,,,here we are! Enjoy and you are doing great.

    When I was a new mom and added up the hours David was attached to me feeding the requisite burp cuddle time…it’s MORE than a full time job.

  3. Thanks for keeping us up to date with photos. She is so beautiful! You will have a new rhythm to your lives from now on. It will take a bit to get into the groove.
    Be easy on yourself.
    Take care

  4. So glad she made it here safe and well (sorry I didn’t see the news earlier but you know, motherhood). Believe everyone when they say the baby days zoom past, and allow yourself more time than you think to recuperate and enjoy staring into her eyes. Time spent watching a baby sleep is never wasted.

    The best piece of advice I had was from my midwife, who said that I should think of the first three months as the fourth trimester – the little one is no less dependent on you than she was in the womb. (Nursing is so a full time job.) Not that that’s comforting in the middle of the night…

    The other stuff will come back, but maybe not in the same way/amount as before. And the motherhood thing really does get better and better, so you won’t mind so much. Promise.

    (food for thought:

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