Pure Survival

We made it! Elly is now 7 weeks old. Amazingly, not only is she still alive but Dan and I are still thrilled to be her parents despite the sleepless nights, spit-drenched clothes and bruises from her cute habit of head butting.
Some of us are more exhausted than others from the experience.

It wasn’t all for naught. We’ve learned a few things about Elly along the way: she grunts to communicate, she dislikes having to go to bed (thankfully, she isn’t old enough to whine and to beg to stay up just 10 more minutes), and she loves watching wrestling with her Dad.

Just this week, it has felt like a fog has lifted. Elly isn’t eating any less or requiring any less attention. And no, Elly isn’t sleeping longer than 2-3 hours at a stretch in the night. Hopefully, longer stretches of sleep will come soon.
Rather I am finally learning how to adjust to life with a newborn. True, very little gets accomplished outside of nursing, changing diapers and holding her. Still I have found little windows to accomplish the hobbies that I hold dear.One of the first things I found time for was my daily walk with Jake. After a few failed attempts at different times in the day, I learned that it was best to squeeze it in after Elly’s noontime snack. The timing works perfectly because Elly can take her afternoon nap snug and secure in her Ergo baby carrier.

While waiting for Elly to drift off to sleep after a big meal, I find time to knit a row or two. Elly only objects when the yarn drapes across her face.
At night when Dan is home, I sneak off to the kitchen or the sewing room while he enjoys quality time with his daughter. Though this project was supposed to be Dan’s birthday present (his birthday is the 28th), it is looking more like a Christmas present.

Another joy of having a newborn: things take longer to accomplish.
I wouldn’t change it for the world though. Elly is wonderful.

4 thoughts on “Pure Survival

  1. Oh Marie, she is so precious! I’m glad you’re getting more adjusted, and being able to take time out for yourself! Yea for a healthy family! :)

  2. She is a beaut! Watch out! She will grow so fast, this will be a fond memory soon. You and Dan are looking good, well a little tired

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