Yarn Arrived for the Bump

After failing twice to use yarn from my stash for the baby’s baseball blanket, I caved and ordered yarn from Webs. It arrived today!

The yarn is Schachenmayr Nomotta’s Extra Merino Big. It is 100% washable Merino wool in Ruby Red. The stitching will be done in bright white. Thus, Dan has dubbed the blanket a “Reverse Baseball”.

During the baseball game tonight, I plan to cast on for the swatch. I can’t wait to get started!

Baby Notes:
B6 vitamins are my friend. They are taking the morning sickness away and returning my energy level to me. For the first time in weeks, I’m starting to feel like a real person again.

Since I was a little dismayed for not looking exactly pregnant yet but no longer looking like my normal size, I bought myself a “Walking for Two” t-shirt to wear on the morning walks with Jake.

[Yes, that is my walking partner rolling around on the grass behind me. Silly dog].

As comfy and as cute as the shirt is, it hides the bump. The outfit I wore today showed it off a bit more.

15 thoughts on “Yarn Arrived for the Bump

  1. Oh Marie, you look so cute! Can’t wait to see more “bump pictures” as you get bigger! And make sure and post in-process pics of the baseball blanket- can’t wait to see it! :)

  2. Yay, baby bump! And I agree with the above poster to post progress pics of the bump (and the blanket, hehe). Do you have any names in mind for the baby yet?

    1. Hi Oleya!
      If it’s a girl, we plan to name her Elizabeth, but will probably call her Elly for short.
      If it’s a boy, it’s a toss up between Alexander (Xander for short) or Robert (Robby).
      The middle name for either will be Conant, an old family name on my side.

      We should find out the sex in about a month from now.


  3. Glad the vitamins are helping, you (and the bump) look great! Of course so does Jake, no doubt he will be a great “big brother?” to the bump

    1. Thanks, Vicki!
      Once Mr. Jakes gets over being the center of attention, I think he will be just fine. He’s always great around our nieces, nephew, godson, and friend’s kids.

  4. Cute pictures! When is the baby due? i.e., when (IF) you know results of tests for boy or girl, I’m anxious to know. I’d like to paint a little something for your nursery; what themes (i KNOW baseball) are you thinking of (besides baseball?) If baseball, I’ll come up with something! Lord knows you knit and sew better than anyone I know, so don’t want to give coals to Newcastle. Nancy

    1. Nancy, you’re wonderful! Thank you!
      The baby is due Jan 18, 2010. We won’t know the sex of the baby for another month or so, but I’ll be sure to announce the results on the blog.

      I really appreciate you offering to paint something for our nursery. The main theme IS baseball. However, there will also be a smattering of Tigger and Winnie the Pooh. But, please don’t feel that you need to stay within our themes. Paint whatever you want.

      Thanks again,

  5. I love baby bumps! :) Yours is considerably smaller than mine, but third pregnancies will do that to you (or so I keep telling myself as an explanation!),

  6. You look so cute! I took a lot of B6 and I was never sick but maybe that’s just me. I’m very partial to Alexander, it was my dad’s and grandpa’s name and they were very good men.

  7. Marie, congradulations! I can’t wait to see your progress – we had a golden with our two little ones (a long time ago) and she was the best doggie we ever had around little ones. I’m just sure your Jake will be fine too! :)

  8. eh, don’t worry about the bump — I don’t think I showed until I was about 6 or 7 months with my first (but, everyone is different!). Now with #3… well, I look as preggo now @ 18weeks as I did at 8mo. with #1.

    Love the t-shirt!

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