Baseball Blanket Yarn

It’s now 2 different colors and folded in the middle because I got carried away and added an extra – and unnecessary – two inches.

But, it’s looking more round these days if I do say so myself.

Now I can finally cast on for the ‘real’ size: a 39-inch diameter.

I have chosen yarn from my stash.

It’s not just some leftover yarn I had sitting around. Au contraire, I have been saving this yarn for almost 2 years now. My MIL purchased it from a craft/wool festival in Maine. The yarn was hand-dyed and hand-spun. It is soft as goose down. When my MIL couldn’t locate a pattern that would showcase the yarn’s splendor, she gifted it to me and told me to use it for something special. Using it to knit our first child a baseball blanket surely counts, right?

Knitting Projects for Baby

Like most knitters, I typically have several projects going at once. Not anymore.

Thanks to the lovely side effects of the 1st trimester (morning sickness and sheer exhaustion), I can barely muster the energy required to design and knit 2 projects. Until yesterday, it was just one.

I am still working out the kinks in the baseball blanket. The problem lies in with this construction of the middle panel. Once I fix that, I can cast on for the ‘actual’ size: about a 39-inch diameter. The size should be perfect to wrap a newborn in. (No, we don’t know that this baby will be a boy nor do we have a preference. The nursery will be decked out in a baseball theme no matter the sex of the baby. As I said to my Aunt while defending our decision, “I’m a girl and I LOVE baseball”.)

Thanks to Vicki, I also have cast on for a baby shawl. I won a skein of gorgeous red and blue kid mohair yarn on her blog. Paired with a skein of red merino laceweight yarn, I plan to knit a Pi shawl as made famous by EZ. It’s cold in January, you know.


Baby Notes: I had an ultrasound done on June 19th. The little alien inside of me has a huge head, stubbly little arms and legs, and a wee heart beating away. I laughed my way through most of the exam; it was such a joy to see this baby growing inside of me even if s/he is a bit odd looking right now.
Additionally, my due date was pushed back to January 18th, making it more unlikely that I’ll deliver on or around Christmas. What a relief!

In a Family Way

The computer has been moved into our master bedroom.

The boxes labeled “Nursery” have been drug down from the attic.
My entire collection of children’s books has been corralled into one small bookcase.

The receiving blankets that were given to me for safe keeping have been located and are waiting to receive a little bundle of joy.

Our little bundle of joy.

After 9 years of a wonderful marriage, Dan and I are expecting our first child on January 15, 2010.

We couldn’t be more thrilled.

Guessing Game

Can you guess what this is?

What about now?

It didn’t come out exactly as I has envisioned. I had wanted it to look round. It’s looking distinctly square right now. Plus, the colors are wrong. Imagine it in white with red stitching.

I’ll have to keep fiddling with it.

Back from a Long Rest

I’m still here!

I apologize for my long absence. I have been busy and will explain why soon.

Of course, I never stopped knitting. I’m pleased to report that the 2nd slipper is finished!

Pattern: Grown-up Booties
Designer: Ysolda Teague
Yarn: unknown wool – just some leftover yarn in my stash
Made for: Me. I love to wear slippers around the house. Sometimes I even wear them when visiting my neighbor across the street.

They are warm and comfy. Too warm. I’ve relegated them to my cedar closet until Fall arrives.

Tomorrow is the baby shower for the twins. I can’t wait to give the two BSJs I knit to the proud Mom-to-be. Here’s hoping she likes them.

Though I had a card all picked out, I couldn’t resist making more ‘baby’ cards for the occassion.

Not able to stop there, I made just a few more cards. Some are photo cards. Some are fabric cards for the 4th of July. The flower card and the bird card are made from used/recycled papers.

I just love cards!

Have a wonderful weekend.