Help Me Pick out Tiles

First, I wanted to let everyone know that my Dishcloth class at Pottstown Knit Out went well. Thank you to everyone who left me comments with encouragement and advice. I appreciated it. I didn’t take pictures of the event because even though I brought my camera it never occurred to me to pull it out of the bag, but I’ll post pictures of my loot in a day or two.

Right now I need your help in deciding which flooring to put down in my bathroom. I’ve stared at the 3 choices for over 48 hours and I am no closer to making a decision.

Option A:
Vinyl flooring made to look like hardwood.

Matches the flooring in the rest of the house, except the kitchen. However, when the kitchen is remodeled, hardwood flooring will be put back down. I could try and explain in 100 words or less how closely the vinyl hardwood matches the hardwood we have in the rest of our house, but a picture speaks 1,000 words.

More Pros:
Vinyl is just as good at resisting water damage
Easier installation
Softer on the feet
Warmer in the winter months

As Dan would say, “It’s silly to install fake hardwood floors”.
Only a 15-year warranty. Practical me never wants to relay the floor again. Ever. (Dan dismissed this concern. He says that 15 years is the minimum time frame; it should last much longer than that. Besides, in 15 years we may want to relay the floor.)

Option B:
Concrete tile

Notice the similarity in the old vinyl flooring and this concrete tile? It matches the blue and maroon color scheme very well. Even Dan was surprised at how closely it matched the old flooring. Eerie good.  
Lifetime guarantee
Surprisingly cheaper than the vinyl flooring

More labor intensive installation

Option C:
White porcelain tile

Brightens and lightens the room
White tile matches all the accessories: white sink, white toilet, white tub, etc.
Lifetime guarantee, same as concrete tile

Same as concrete tile: Hard, Cold and More labor intensive installation
Most expensive option
Every speck of dirt shows up on white. It will require me to be more diligent in my cleaning habits.

Options A, B, and C lined up like little soldiers.

Which one do you think looks best in my blue bathroom?

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18 thoughts on “Help Me Pick out Tiles

  1. Hi! I went for shiny white tile in our bathroom and wouldn’t do it again. I’m pretty neat and clean but I’ve found it just impossible to keep it looking nice. Next time I’ll go for something “dirt colored.”
    We have vinyl on our kitchen floor and it’s pretty nice, but it can be damaged by hot water, bleach, etc. – possible problems in a bathroom.
    So, I’d vote for the concrete tile. It’s vaguely dirt colored, indestructible, and the cold/hard issue might be solved with (hand knitted??) rugs.

  2. Hey Becky! I have been remiss at posting! So sorry! But girlie my vote is for Option B! Yes it might be cold, but that’s what rubberbacked scatter rugs are for, and besides that it’s got a lifetime guarantee. If you were really looking for a change (Option C) I don’t think you would ask us! It’s always good to be comfortable! :)

    Besides who can really keep white, looking white!??

  3. I would go with A only because I like floors matching. :) And really, Dan’s right, in 15 years you may completely remodel the bathroom (or move). :)

    I also like option B over option C because white tiles SUCK. I had white tile throughout an old apartment and no matter how much I cleaned and bleached and mopped, the floor looked horrid 10 minutes later.

    Good luck!

  4. I think I’ll have to cast my vote for the vinyl. That’s what we have in our bathroom, and I really like the look of wood (even if it’s just vinyl). It has such a warm look about it besides maybe being a little softer on the footsies. And it’s amazing how it well it matches your hardwood!

  5. I vote for A – we have vinyl just like that in our kitchen which the previous owners put down, and to be honest I didn’t realise at first that it wasn’t real wood. It’s so easy to clean and it’s softer and warmer under foot. (We put slate tiles in our bathroom and they are very cold!) I think in ‘high water’ areas like kitchens and bathrooms it kinda makes sense not to install real wood.

  6. I’m going for option B, I have to agree with the “why install fake wood?”, although the the fact that it’s warmer on the feet has it’s charm. Option B looks a lot like the tile we put in our bathroom, and it looks very nice with the blue tile that we have.

  7. I really like the look of the fake wood vinyl- especially because it matches the rest of your house, and I think that’s cool. :) My second choice would be the concrete, because white floors are a pain in the butt- my parents have a white tile kitchen floor and it’s a pain to keep clean and it shows even the slightest amount of dirt.

  8. I like A & B, probably B a little more. Stay away from white tiles! As others have said before me, it’s terrible to keep clean, think toothbrush scrubbing grout, very bad.

  9. I’d totally go with A. I’m not a huge fan of the look of wood in a bathroom, but seriously. . .. those stick on tiles will take like 10 minutes to install (I exaggerate, of course, but the ease is SOOOOOOOOO worth it).

  10. not a! if it’s one continuous piece of vinyl you’re asking for trouble when you have to fix something due to water damage — because you will have to rip up the WHOLE floor. With tile you only need to replace part of the floor. [this is coming from my architect hubs]

  11. I like the fake vinyl for the bathroom. One of my boy’s rooms has it and it looks nice and is easily maintained and warmer on the feet. It’s also cheaper and easier to install. You forgot to mention that ceramic tiles chip, crack and break.

  12. You will think I’m silly, but I love the fake hardwood. I have some tile in my bathroom (lovely) but I hate it, cold and I don’t like cleaning it. I picked out vinyl for my kitchen and it’s been there since 84, I still love it.
    In fact we are going to remodel (someday) and I think I would like “a” in my kitchen. tee hee
    Lets us know what you pick!!!

  13. You could go with the concrete tile but put in one of the below floor heaters. Nothing nicer than a warm floor under your feet when you go into the bathroom. Does cost a little more but worth it in the long run.

  14. Use a sub floor while laying the floor tiles. A sub floor will prevent the tiles from cracking or loosening.
    Are you looking for gorgeous tiles? Visit us at Tiles Adelaide and get a wide array of tiles for your home.

  15. I couldn’t help but laugh at your bathroom, well, not at your bathroom–it’s exactly like mine and I’ve been searching the web for different ideas! I would love to see yours finished and I’d love to show you mine. I have the original tile on the floor, tiny black & white squares (I think they’re called pinwheel) and I don’t like it at all! It is cold on the feet and unless I have rugs down it just about makes you dizzy if you stare at it long enough. I say go for the wood look vinyl, you’re not going to get much traffic in there anyhow so I wouldn’t worry to much about the wear & tear.

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