Before Shot of Our Bathroom

It didn’t always look like this. Dan and my MIL will vouch for me. The floor was in tact during the holidays.

Two days after Christmas, I noticed that the floor felt funny, like it was squishy. Once the guests all left, Dan peeled a small section of the vinyl floor up. Sure enough, the wood floor underneath the vinyl was sopping wet. At first we couldn’t figure out what was causing the leak until Dan went downstairs in the basement and punched a small hole in the ceiling. It didn’t take long to realize that every time we flushed the toilet, water leaked down from the bathroom floor.

A quick call to the plumber fixed the problem: a crack in the wax seal.

On New Year’s Day, Dan ripped up all the vinyl floor that had been ruined from the leak.

Isn’t it lovely? groan.

Part of the subfloor needs to be fixed, specifically the section around the base of the toilet. The entire bathroom will need a new flooring, since the vinyl can’t stay like this. So we are going to use this leak as an excuse to remodel the bathroom with a new paint job, new wall cabinets, smaller vanity, tile flooring, a ventilator fan, and perhaps new lighting.

The tile that wraps around the entire bathroom will stay as is though. It’s in perfect condition and I like blue. Besides, why fix what isn’t broken?

The good news is that one of my neighbors is a contractor. I know he does good work, because he’s built our shed, the back porch, the front porch, and goodness knows what else.

Tomorrow if the weather is better (it’s raining now), I’ll head down to our local flooring store to pick out tiles. Dan is letting me choose which colors will go on the floors and the walls. He admitted to me that if it was his choice he would pick white or off-white. I don’t know how he can stand living with me. I adore color!