Trading Yarns and a Pin

Last week, I decided to partake in a Yarn Swap.

It was so much fun! I went shopping in my yarn stash and stuffed the largest box I could find with wool, cotton and rayon. All those little balls of leftover yarn I had been collecting for years were sent off to somebody who would use them. I was left with room-to-grow space. Oh, it felt so good.

Two days ago I received a box from my swap partner, Susan of Loom It and Made 4 You by Susan.

So much for all that room-to-grow space. Such a pity.

Most are in colors that I would never buy for myself. I love blues and browns a bit too much and my stash has suffered from my lack of imagination. These yarns will spruce things up a bit.

Speaking of breathing new life into something, I finally rescued a fiber ACEO, miniature art card, I had made over a year ago. It had been languishing in my craft drawer.

Last night, I stitched a pin clasp to the back of the ACEO.

Voila. Instant pin. I plan to wear it on Saturday when I attend (and teach at!) the Pottstown Knit Out.
The nervousness is starting to set in again. I’m going to go practice in front of the mirror now.


8 thoughts on “Trading Yarns and a Pin

  1. That’s the trouble with a swap, you think you’re cleaning out but you end up with more. I heard the other day that the biggest fear of Americans is speaking in public, I think it scares most of us. But they’ll love you. Just take a bunch of deep breaths and you’ll be fine.

  2. You’ll do great! Once you start talking it will start to flow naturally. Just pretend you are talking to your friends.

    I love the the rose bud. That’s so sweet.

    Oh yeah, the swap goodies are a hoot. Have fun with all the new loot!

  3. I’m a blues person to and most my yarn and fabric reflects that. It looks like you got some fun new yarns to play with. I hope the Pottstown knit out went well for you.

    Did you ever decide on what tile to get for the bathroom? When we put tile in our house we went with colors that match the dirt/sand that is around our house. Most of our flooring is brown. Real exciting but looks clean even when it’s not :).

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