Repair or Replace

3 years ago, I came across a “Free. Works.” sign on a sewing machine.

Despite its heft, I hauled it home humming the whole way. I cleaned and oiled it until it purred like a cat.

Since that day, I’ve sewn quilts, sheer curtains, aprons and bags on it.

It’s a wonderful machine, a Kenmore 158.14100, but it’s been broken since the day I got it.

Despite having settings for zigzag, overlock, and decorative stitches, the only thing it can do is run a straight stitch. Mind you, it does that very well unless you’re trying to sew through 2 or more layers of jeans.

Yet, I’m greedy. I’d like it to work properly. My local sewing store informed me that it would cost me $60 to just look at it. Presumably, it will be much more than that once they start replacing parts. I can buy a new machine for that amount of money. Oh, if only I lived next to Peter. He would know what to do.

So, it begs the question. Do I repair this oldie but goody? Or do I replace it with another machine that actually works?

You might be wondering why I should replace it at all, yes? I do after all have perfectly good machine, a Babylock Decorator’s Choice, which I purchased 2 years ago.

Well, I’m afraid I’ve gotten spoiled by having two machines. It’s nice to have a machine dedicated to each project that I’m working on. It keeps me from having to change the thread in the machine out, change the settings on the machine and change the needle. Plus, the old machines are great to use when Elly wants to help. There aren’t a million buttons for her to press.

Maybe I can convince my neighbor, who was a seamstress in her day, to give me her old Singer.


4 thoughts on “Repair or Replace

  1. Check craigslist, yard sales, thrift stores, flea markets and maybe even ebay for a working older model. My mother comes across them all the time.

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