My Prize from Tyger Lily

Karen of Tyger Lily hosted a Mother’s Day challenge on her blog earlier this month. Readers were to guess what she was going to do with the vintage embroidered handkerchiefs she had rediscovered while getting ready to move. My ambitious plan had her using the handkerchiefs to make a christening gown though all of her children are grown. Yep, I was wrong.

Nobody guessed correctly though, so she just threw our names into a hat and pulled one out. I was the lucky name drawn.

Look what I received.

Isn’t it lovely? It is a book cover using half of a vintage handkerchief coupled with flower fabric. It fits the book I had purchased for one of my close friends like a glove. The book cover is prettier than any wrapping paper I could ever find, so I’m leaving it on there.

Besides such pretty fabric will hoodwink a passerby into thinking that my friend is reading a romance book. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The book is titled A History of Murder by Colin Wilson. She has a passion for criminal psychology.

Thank you, Karen!

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2 thoughts on “My Prize from Tyger Lily

  1. OMGosh!!!! That is simply gorgeous! How can you part with it? LOL!!! I’ll have to save that idea and see if I can find some of the old hankies my sister embroidered years and years ago for me, I never used them they were just too pretty to get snotty!

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