A Tree Ate my Homework

How come things like this never happened when I prayed for them hours before a report due date?

Sunday night, a huge thunderstorm came through the area (I live in PA).

My neighbor had been contemplating cutting his maple tree down, since it was showing signs of decay.
He wasn’t quick enough. Mother Nature decided to help him along.

The crack came first. Then, a few minutes later, another gust of wind came through and hoisted the big branch a few feet to the right of the break.

The branch fell onto our cable line, snapping it in two. We lost TV and Internet service for two days.

It also got tangled into my rose bush. My neighbor spent a good hour trying to extract most of the smaller branches from the bush. I think he is more attached to the rose bush than I am. Ever since I started draping the long branches on his ranch-style fence, he’s doted on it.

Though it was annoying to not have TV or Internet, I remain grateful that the tree landed in our yards and not on our houses.

During the silence, I managed to get some knitting and spinning done. I’ll tell you more about that later this week. I also received wonderful goodies from Mandy of Sew Spun and my Summer of Love swap partner. Pictures coming tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “A Tree Ate my Homework

  1. Love the title of this post and the acts of nature never helped me out either when I wished for them!

    So glad your houses weren’t damaged and that knitting is a low tech past time when the resources are limited!

    Also love your woven pillow/trivet stand – I actually think the colours look cool that way :o)

  2. Wow. Mother nature is shocking in her power. Glad that was all the harm done. When we were in South Bend a tornado touched down and removed an entire grove of huge trees that lined our driveway. Just heartbreakings to see the destruction – they were massive and probably 50 to 60 years old – gone overnight.

  3. Oooh, that’s scary! We have a really big tree that I’m always worried about when it storms. How’s the rosebush doing?

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