Christmas Shoppping Has Begun

I love Christmas.

The Christmas season can’t begin soon enough for my taste.

I start my shopping in September with the hopes of completing the bulk of it by Halloween. Toys along with presents for those impossible people to buy for are purchased no later than Dec 1st. The month of December is dedicated to wrapping, decorating and most importantly, baking.

Every year I am irritated by retail stores that wait until after Halloween to put out their Christmas merchandise. Surely, I can’t be the only one in town who likes to shop early.

Not all Christmas gifts are store-bought. Some are handmade.

Pattern: You don’t need one. A napkin is nothing more than a large square with the edges finished.
Fabric: cotton butterfly fabric on top and cotton white fabric on back (Note that you don’t have to use 2 fabrics. I just don’t like seeing the wrong side of a fabric.)

It is my intention to pass my border line obsession with Christmas to Elly. Already Elly loves to receive packages in the mail, especially when she can climb in afterwards.

3 thoughts on “Christmas Shoppping Has Begun

  1. I start buying my gifts as early as possible… I believe I had my sister’s gift this year back in June or July! However, I *hate* seeing the holiday decorations out before Halloween. It’s so in-your-face so early that by the time Christmas actually arrives I’m sick of it! :( It wasn’t always this way – I used to love it. But I think as I get older I become less happy about it.

  2. Elly is so adorable!! I have begun knitting many Christmas presents, since hubby was laid off in July, and Christmas will need to be very frugal this year. Luckily, I have quite a large yarn stash to work from! :)

    I love the napkins! What pretty fabric – I love butterflies!

  3. I can’t believe how fast Elly is growing, no doubt she will be creating at your side before long!
    I also have started my C. gifts! yay!
    Take care

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