Weekend Work

How was your weekend? I hope it was wonderful!

I spent the weekend quilting, gardening, cooking, and being followed around the house & yard by Jake. Hubby even took me out for lunch on Sunday. It was a lovely weekend.

The quilt is almost finished.

I completed the border and stitched it to the front. Then, I made the “quilt sandwich”, holding everything together with safety pins. (I’ve decided that I am never going to hand-baste the layers together. Why? Pure laziness.) Finally, I machine-quilted the piece together. The majority of the quilt is machine-quilted via the technique called “stitch in the ditch”. Only the diamond in the middle has a 1/4 inch stitch (a.k.a. I stitched 1/4 inch away from the seam).

Next on the list:

  1. Learn how to make a hanging sleeve
  2. Attach it to the quilt back
  3. Stitch on the binding.

So close! Which means I am all the closer to starting on my next quilt – a baby quilt.

Sunday was mostly dedicated to working in the garden and hanging out with Hubby. I am in the process of creating specific paths to mow between. If my husband mows down one more of my plants, I’m going to throw the mower out! He’s killed a Japanese Maple sapling (with Jake’s help who peed on the tree when it was trying to grow back), and injured my rose bush (again with Jake’s help … I think they are in cahoots!) and 2 hosta plants. So in an effort to ensure he doesn’t nick my rose bush again, I ripped up the grass under and around it, laying down mulch along the way.

Hopefully, next weekend I can “save” the other rose bush.

So, what knitting did I accomplish over the weekend? Um. Does knitting 2 rows this morning on my mystery project count?

5 thoughts on “Weekend Work

  1. The quilt is sooooooo pretty! You are a very talented lady! :)

    Argh! Men and mowers! I say we form a covert group of plant lovers who steal mower blades. heh

    And thanks for the conversation on meebo. I hadn’t had a chance to really use it yet. it was so exciting to talk to someone on it!

  2. I like the quilt. Good luck on getting it finished.

    Don’t feel bad, I didn’t pick up a hook or needles all weekend. Okay, no, wait, I did finish 2 projects that were sitting in bins while I was organizing. But they just needed about 20 minutes of crocheting each. :) Other than that, I didn’t really do anything. I haven’t even done anything today, either. :( Bah.

  3. Glad that you had such a nice summer weekend. I admire, and am a titch jealous, of your quilting/sewing abilities. Your quilt is beautiful! What are the plans for it.

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