Shiny New Car

The plan was to drive our our old car, a ’98 Honda Civic, into the ground. We made it to 190,000 miles.

When Pottstown’s local Midas mechanic informed me that it would cost approximately 1 thousand dollars to repair all that was wrong with it (back suspension, broken motor mount, and broken hubcaps) and receive the state inspection sticker, I told him not to bother. “Kindly give me back my broken car” I said. Surprisingly, he was relieved. The mechanic confessed he was going to try to talk me out of sinking more money into the ole Civic.

On Friday, we went car shopping at Car Sense. Dan has already narrowed the choices down to a Honda Accord or a Toyota Camry, since both have excellent reputations for longevity and reliability. We test drove both. And by ‘we’, I mean Dan test drove the cars while I played with all the buttons and gizmos in the passenger seat and back seat.

Our old Civic didn’t have any buttons outside of the AC/heat and the radio. To let the fresh breeze in, you had to manually hand crank the window open.

By the end of the evening, Dan and I couldn’t agree. I liked the Accord. The Accord, being a Honda, felt more familiar. Additionally, it had less automatic buttons (i.e. less things that can break and require repair). Dan liked the Camry because it was a smoother ride.

Guess who won?

Dan got his 2006 Toyota Camry.

He was right. The Camry was a smoother ride and we drive a LOT. Our closest friends and relatives are an hour away (which equates to a 2-hour round trip). Other relatives are much further. It is more important to be comfortable in the long rides that it is to buy a car for its familiar environment or to worry about the buttons and moon roof that might break.  

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10 thoughts on “Shiny New Car

  1. But how’s the stereo system? LOL
    We are car shopping too. But we are waiting for our Nissan Sentra to die. It has 150,000 miles on it and is Tom’s commute car. Our big consideration is mileage especially with all the driving we do to our cabin. But we have the Kia still at only 70k but guzzling gas. So it’s a quandary. Commuter car or family car and if so where does the Kia fit in? And then the oldest starts to drive in a few months. Ugh.

  2. Good buy! We just got rid of our beloved Honda CRX 85. It gave us it’s all during it’s lifetime, we actually sold it to someone who is using it for “meals on wheels” so it is still in service, we did have to tow it to his mechanic.

  3. Nice car, Marie! I’m happy for you guys! Those two cars are both on my radar right now too- about to get rid of the old gas-guzzler!

  4. Great car Marie! We used to have an old Honda Accord and ran it to the ground. It eventually got towed and we just didn’t go and pick it up!
    Well we have a 97 Accord now and everything is starting to go out on it. Blah, cars are so annoying because they never work but we always need them!

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